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"From the ashes of's newest bonfire. Bjørnskau has written a page-turner of an entertaining novel, guaranteed to be talked about."

Welcome to a reality near you:
An Internet entrepreneur with a fetish for new technology, ever high on commercialism's speed and with dreams of making a vast fortune.
A seductive advertising woman who is in complete control of her own pleasures and propagation.
An unsuccessful artist who will finally save the world through shock art.
And a completely normal girl who, armed with designer scars and a hyper-conscious PR-strategy, sets out to get what everyone wants: fame and fortune.

Author: Thomas Bjørnskau   Photo: Jo Michael 2003Together they make up A disturbing tale where all threads are gathered together and woven into a netWORK, the reality show concept where participants give their body and soul and the viewers decide what extremes they have to go to.

Thomas Bjørnskau lived through the first wave.

Here he portrays the next one. Here. Now ... or very soon.

Thomas Bjørnskau (born in 1969 in Oslo) grew up in Oslo and now lives in Vienna. He is a business graduate, with experience from the Internet sector and the first wave. is his first novel.